A legacy of performance

For more than 20 years, Trakka’s combat-proven line of products has protected those who protect us. Our fully integrated Total Mission Solutions provides military commanders with the tactical advantage to anticipate change, mitigate risk, and shape outcomes, even in the harshest environments.

Trakka’s Total Mission Solutions suite tailors easily to meet surveillance requirements for fixed and mobile platforms.

Trakka offers the world’s only Total Mission Solutions, consisting of the TrakkaCam series of cameras, which provide your C4ISR mission with best-in-class long-range EO/IR imaging and plug-and-play integration with our TrakkaMaps and TrakkaBeam products.

The TrakkaMaps mapping & video management software produces detailed 3D, street, and satellite map views, augmented reality (AR) overlays, integrated video with metadata, and audio recording to complement our EO/IR sensors.

Unrivaled TrakkaBeam high-intensity searchlights complete the Total Solution Package, providing your C4ISR mission with visible red, green, blue, amber, and high-intensity white illumination and covert IR illumination (for assets with NVG).

Total Solution Packages

TrakkaCam TC-300G

The TC-300G puts long-range, multispectral HD EO/IR imagery in the hands of land-based operations for greater standoff threat detection and optimal situational awareness. Able to detect humans up to 18 km away, and vehicles at up to 26 km distance, the system excels at border security, civil protection, military C4ISR, and force protection missions. Compact and lightweight, it is the perfect choice for mobile, fixed, and unmanned installations of all types.

TrakkaCam TC-300G-S

Made for land missions that demand a stabilized multi-sensor surveillance system with medium-range HD EO/IR performance in an affordable package, the TC-300G-S excels at border security, civil protection, military C4ISR, force protection, and other missions where low light capabilities are critical. Its light weight and compact size make it perfectly suited for mobile, fixed, and unmanned platforms and installations alike. The TC-300G-S is ITAR free, and widely exportable.

TrakkaBeam TLXc

With all the advantages of the TrakkaBeam TLX searchlight, the TLXc model combines the best searchlight and airborne camera technology with its dual-sensor thermal imager/high-definition TV camera payloads. This industry-leading capability enhances mission capability and versatility. The TLXc also incorporates an inertial line of sight stability, providing stable imagery for enhanced situational awareness.

TrakkaBeam TLX

Building on the proven workhorse of the innovative TrakkaBeam A800 model, the TLX offers even more performance, features, and functionality in the same sleek design. The TLX provides increased light intensity across the searchlight’s beam while requiring an even lower power draw. The aerodynamic TLX model leads the industry in total beam brightness and clarity, with uniform edge-to-edge light spread across the beam’s diameter.

TrakkaBeam A800

The A800 is a high-intensity searchlight designed for airborne platforms. The multi-mission TrakkaBeam A800 searchlight provides powerful tactical illumination that includes an integrated, easy-to-use multispectral filter wheel accessible from the cockpit that aids visual acuity. The A800 slews at 0-60° per second elevation or azimuth, and it can be easily installed on new or existing searchlight mounts. The rugged A800 is ideal for a variety of missions.

TrakkaBeam M800

The M800 non-gimbaled remotely controlled searchlight system with an internally integrated multispectral filter wheel. The M800 searchlight can be utilized as a fully self-contained unit on ground-based equipment such as tripods, vehicles, or marine vessels. Alternatively, the M800 can integrate with other sensors or pan-and-tilt mechanisms for applications involving surveillance towers, checkpoints, and forward observation points.

TrakkaMaps TM-100

TrakkaMaps TM-100 is a full-featured mission mapping and video management system that can run on various computer platforms, including notebooks and ruggedized laptops. The affordable and flexible architecture is easily customizable with open-source databases and user proprietary secure databases. Designed to integrate with TrakkaCam cameras and TrakkaBeam searchlights, the TM-100 can slew the camera and searchlight’s line of sight to any point on the map with the touch of the screen, mouse click, address, intersection, city, points of interest, or coordinate entries. The TM-100’s intuitive touchscreen controls offer 3D, street, satellite, and custom map views, available with augmented reality overlays on live video imagery.


Trakka products are installed on countless platforms globally, operating in the most demanding environments, and built to meet or exceed the most stringent mission requirements.