Trakka Interceptor Protection System – Counter Terror (TIPS-C)

Drones are a multiplying and multi-faceted threat that can maneuver into almost any critical infrastructure, military mission, secured complex, venue or event.  Trakka provides a flexible, early detection, identification, and neutralizing counter UAS solution. The backbone is Trakka’s open architecture command and control center with TM-100 proprietary mapping solution coupled with our partner vendor DroneShield’s Smart Hub and Sentry X system.  With its advanced software algorithms that can detect, identify and automatically track drones of any size while dismissing moving objects, such as birds, in detection zones.


Fixed site or mobile solutions, tailored to your requirements

Easily integrate a variety of bolt-on detection & defeat solutions

Detect, identify and neutralize UAS threats with integrated EO/IR, radars, acoustic detectors, jammers and HPEM devices