Trakka’s SWE-400 QUAD multi-purpose, stabilized, multi-spectral imaging system gives utility and environmental operators the capability to measure temperatures in real-time, detect Corona discharges, and capture high-definition video and mega-pixel digital still photos from an airborne platform.

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The SWE-400 QUAD increases inspection speeds and saves utility companies costs by helping to reduce reactive maintenance and unscheduled downtime. The system is also an effective tool for oil spill detection, as the long-wave infrared camera detects thick oil sheens, and the specialized UV camera detects thinner sheens. The SWE-400 QUAD is also invaluable for wildfire fighting missions, as the radiometric camera penetrates through smoke to see hot spots and provides temperature measurements in real-time. The UV camera determines the direction and behavior of the fire and provides the geographical coordinates to direct firefighters and water bombers to critical locations. The fully digital 4-axis active gyro stabilization gimbal compensates for aircraft maneuvering and eliminates external vibrations. Coupled with the TM-100’s measuring tools, the system informs the command center of the fire’s perimeter, distance to buildings and roads, and its progress. 

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Radiometric output provides full thermal resolution images

Realtime temperature measurements

Detailed temperature analysis and reporting software

Solar Blind UV channel for Corona detection

High resolution digital stills photo camera with continuous zoom lens.

All stored photos are geo - referenced with location information.

MISB compliant video on Ethernet streams