Trakka’s SWE-400 QUAD multispectral imaging system gives operators the ability to detect and evaluate hot spots located on utility companies’ transmission grids, assist in wildfire suppression efforts, pipeline inspections, natural disaster management and pollution assessments. The SWE-400 QUAD contains a radiometric infrared camera capable of real-time temperature measurements to locate hot spots or embers through the smoke and in complete darkness. In addition, the ultraviolet camera detects Corona discharge and visualizes the hottest parts of a wildfire.

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The digital stills camera provides high-resolution photos for detailed visual analysis. The high-definition video camera allows for a situational overview and long-range performance due to its continuous zoom capability. The IMU/INS combined with the laser range finder in the SWE-400 QUAD holds the geographical locations and points of interest. The geographical information is stored in the digital still photos, displayed on the symbology, and embedded within the metadata on the Ethernet video streams. The tracker locks the camera to any structure or scene. The SWE-400 QUAD seamlessly interfaces with the TrakkaMaps moving map system.

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Radiometric output provides full thermal resolution images

Realtime temperature measurements

Detailed temperature analysis and reporting software

Solar Blind UV channel for Corona detection

High resolution digital stills photo camera with continuous zoom lens.

All stored photos are geo - referenced with location information.

MISB compliant video on Ethernet streams