Trakka’s TC-300-SWIR is a compact multi-sensor surveillance system that includes an advanced high-speed digital video engine embedded directly within the single-LRU gimbal. The unit provides several functions to improve image quality under adverse conditions and significantly improve operator performance and reduce workload. The TC-300-SWIR’s shortwave IR camera is uniquely suited for forest fire mapping, allowing the user to see through the smoke. Interfaced with Trakka’s TM-100 moving maps system and secure data link, it enables operators and commanders to share mission-critical information in real-time.


Full suite of six payloads: I.R., SWIR, HDTV, LRF, A/T, IMU/GPS

RTCA DO-160 Tested for Environmental, Electromagnetic and Mechanical Compliance

Non-ITAR product

Continuous Optical Zoom on all imaging payloads