Trakka Systems Announces TrakkaCam TC-300 and TrakkaMaps TM-100 for Washoe County Sheriff’s Office RAVEN Program

August 30, 2018

SARASOTA, Florida — Trakka Systems is pleased to announce that the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office RAVEN program has selected the TrakkaCam TC-300 and Trakka’s Map & Video Management System the TM-100 to replace the 8500 manufactured by FLIR Systems and Churchill Map system. RAVEN utilizes the TrakkaCam TC-300 and TrakkaMaps TM-100 to locate crime suspects and to perform search and rescue missions.

“We are extremely pleased the TrakkaCam TC-300, and TrakkaMaps TM-100 have been chosen to support the demanding mission requirements for another premier program, and for this opportunity to support the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office RAVEN program,” said Mike Kipphorn, Business Development Manager, North America West at Trakka Systems. “We look forward to ongoing business with Washoe County Sherriff’s Office and the significant customer growth throughout the North American region.”

The newly purchased TrakkaCam TC-300 and TrakkaMaps TM-100 were utilized on Monday night, August 27, 2018, to locate two adults and an 18-month-old baby. They were found after being lost for eight hours on a cold night in the Sierra. RAVEN’s Chief Pilot, Sergeant Doug Russell, said the differences between the previous 8500 manufactured by FLIR Systems and the replacement TrakkaCam TC-300 is astronomical. Russell said it only took two hours to locate the lost individuals with the newly installed TrakkaCam TC-300 and it would have taken a lot more time and been a lot more difficult with the old system.

Trakka Systems TC-300 a compact, high performance, new generation single-LRU multi-sensor surveillance system sets new standards for innovative ergonomic and industrial design. The system comprises an innovative lightweight 300mm gimbal and has a total mass less than 19kg. It features high performance fully digital 4-axis gyro-stabilization, and a payload suite comprising MWIR thermal imager, HDTV EO/Spotter with continuous zoom. The TC-300 also includes eye-safe laser range finder, NVG compatible laser pointer, a fully integrated IMU/GPS for Geo-Location and Moving Map Integration, Auto Tracker, an advanced HD video engine and options for searchlight slaving, haze reduction, image blending and MTI.

Trakka Systems TM-100 Map & Video Management System brings a new solution to mission management and complements Trakka’s range of sophisticated camera systems. The TM-100 provides a mission management solution able to run on various computer platforms, ranging from notebooks and ruggedised laptops to Mil-Spec PC’s . The flexible architecture is easily customisable with both open source databases and user proprietary secure databases. Designed to integrate with TrakkaCam cameras, the TM-100 can slew the camera line of sight to any point on the map, via pin touch, address, intersection, city, points of interest or coordinate entries. The TM-100 offers 3D, street, satellite and custom map views, available with augmented reality overlays on live video imagery. The user can effortlessly select between picture-in-picture, split screen, map-only or video-only viewing modes. The cameras’ fields-of-view polygons are painted on the map, and aircraft markers are dropped on the map to document where the camera has searched and where the aircraft has flown. Speed modes are available to estimate ground track speeds and mission recording is accomplished via metadata streamed over an Ethernet connection to the Trakka camera system.

For more information please contact Trakka directly.