Trakka Systems has installed 32 TrakkaBeam A800 searchlights on the H145 fleet for DRF in Germany

October 1, 2020

TrakkaBeam is a high-intensity and powerful multispectral searchlight designed for airborne platforms. TrakkaBeam A800 is a fully automated multi-mission “edge-to-edge illumination” searchlight that includes an integrated filter wheel accessible from the cockpit. Filters can range from extremely covert infrared to ultraviolet, or reducing glare from fog or white sand, enhancing natural color in the target field, or using in close-in hoist work without impairing the ground crew’s night vision. The A800 slews at 0-60° per second elevation or azimuth, and it can be easily installed on new or existing searchlight mounts. The rugged A800 is ideal for ALE operations, airborne patrol and surveillance, emergency medical services, as well as search and rescue missions.

Photo: Christian Keller

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