Washoe Country Sheriff Search and Rescue

Trakka’s first Total Mission Solution was delivered in the United States to Washoe County Sheriff’s Office, Reno Nevada, for their RAVEN program. The Trakka Total Solution Package had already proven itself invaluable in a search and rescue mission that occurred on Monday night, August 27, 2018.

That evening the Washoe Sheriff’s office was contacted about two missing adults and an 18-month-old baby. Within moments the RAVEN Airborne unit was dispatched and, in the air, searching for the missing family. After being lost for eight hours on a cold night in the Sierra Mountain area, the RAVEN Airborne unit was able to quickly locate the lost individuals and bring them to safety.

RAVEN’s Chief Pilot, Sergeant Doug Russell, said the differences between the previous system and the replacement TrakkaCam TC-300 are astronomical. Russell said it only took two hours to locate the lost individuals with the newly installed TrakkaCam TC-300 and it would have take a lot more time and been a lot more difficult with the old system.

Fox 11 news story

Trakka’s singular focus is to simplify and enhance the customer’s mission, which has enabled the development of the world’s first and only Total Mission Solution package. The Trakka Airborne Total Solution Packages are 100% Trakka, and they are ITAR Free. Trakka is the only vendor with a complete line of ITAR free products, making the ability to own and operate their systems far easier and more affordable throughout the world.