Trakka Systems is proud to support Yorkshire Air Ambulance protecting the people of their communities

May 21, 2021

Yorkshire Air Ambulance upgrades fleet of existing helicopters to the brand new, 5-bladed H145 D3 model. The YAA will be the first organization in the UK to receive the new H145 helicopters.

Installed on the YAA helicopters is the cutting-edge TrakkaBeam searchlight that is crucial to aircrews in optimizing response time and safety when responding to a vehicle accident, assisting in an emergency evacuation, or rescuing a critically injured victim.

The TrakkaBeam product line improves the situational awareness of aircrews responding to events in low-visibility environments with its spectrum of filters and powerful beam. Providing tactical illumination that includes an integrated, easy-to-use multispectral filter wheel accessible from the cockpit that aids visual acuity.

Trakka Systems is proud to support YAA on its critical missions, protecting the people of their communities.

Photography: Airbus Helicopters and YAA

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