The responsibilities of airborne law enforcement agencies (ALEA) are wide-ranging, and their missions are critical, complex, and highly coordinated. On any given day, ALEA crews could be carrying out a range of missions such as surveilling criminals, extinguishing fires, monitoring crowds, or airlifting injured civilians. Having the right equipment is essential to provide heightened situational awareness to law enforcement professionals.

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Trakka’s Total System Solution can be customized to meet the requirements of any mission. Our high-intensity TrakkaBeam can be configured to include multispectral filters to optimize visual and night vision enhanced illumination in your environment. Combined with seamless slaving to TrakkaCam’s gyro-stabilized EO/IR camera, visibility will be further enhanced with thermal imaging, UV detecting, and recording capabilities. TrakkaMaps completes the package with its fully-equipped, intuitive design that allows the aircrew to observe the environment below with satellite, street-view, or live augmented reality overlays.  

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Trakka’s TC-300 is a versatile, compact multi-sensor surveillance system that can be installed on various manned and unmanned platforms. Its advanced features and sophisticated image processors embedded within the single-LRU 4-axis gyro-stabilized gimbal exploit images from different sensors to extract features that would otherwise go undetected by a single sensor. With picture-in-picture, split-screen, contrast enhancement and moving target detection, the TrakkaCam TC-300 improves mission success and reduces operator workload in challenging conditions.


Full suite of seven payloads: I.R., HDTV, LRF, L.P., LI, A/T, IMU/GPS

Continuous optical zoom on all imaging channels

Non-ITAR Product

RTCA DO-160 Tested for Environmental, Electromagnetic and Mechanical Compliance



Trakka’s TC-300-SWIR is a compact multi-sensor surveillance system that includes an advanced high-speed digital video engine embedded directly within the single-LRU gimbal. The unit provides several functions to improve image quality under adverse conditions and significantly improve operator performance and reduce workload. The TC-300-SWIR’s shortwave IR camera is uniquely suited for forest fire mapping, allowing the user to see through the smoke. Interfaced with Trakka’s TM-100 moving maps system and secure data link, it enables operators and commanders to share mission-critical information in real-time.


Full suite of six payloads: I.R., SWIR, HDTV, LRF, A/T, IMU/GPS

RTCA DO-160 Tested for Environmental, Electromagnetic and Mechanical Compliance

Non-ITAR product

Continuous Optical Zoom on all imaging payloads



With all the advantages of the TrakkaBeam TLX searchlight, the TLXc model combines the best searchlight and airborne camera technology together with its dual-sensor thermal imager/high-definition TV camera payloads. This industry-leading capability enhances mission capability and versatility. The TLXc also incorporates inertial line of sight stability, providing stable imagery for enhanced situational awareness.


Increased Light intensity across the entire beam

Embedded Day/Night situational awareness cameras

Inertially stabilized gimbal

Enhanced internal multi spectral filter options



Building on the proven workhorse of the innovative TrakkaBeam A800 model, the TLX offers even more performance, features and functionality in the same sleek design. The TLX provides an increase in light intensity across the searchlight’s beam while requiring an even lower power draw. With the characteristic TrakkaBeam full and uniform edge-to-edge light spread across the beam’s diameter, the aerodynamic TLX model leads the industry for total beam brightness, clarity and control.


Increased Light intensity across the entire beam

Enhanced internal multispectral filter options

Reduced power consumption

Integrated slaving for TrakkaCam and other camera systems



The A800 is a high-intensity searchlight designed for airborne platforms. The multi-mission TrakkaBeam A800 searchlight provides powerful tactical illumination that includes an integrated, easy-to-use multispectral filter wheel accessible from the cockpit that aids visual acuity. The A800 slews at 0-60° per second elevation or azimuth, and it can be easily installed on new or existing searchlight mounts. The rugged A800 is ideal for a variety of missions.


Superior beam profile

Internal multispectral filter options

Tested and certified for performance and reliability

Aerodynamic design results in a low parasitic drag

Integrated slaving for TrakkaCam and other camera systems



TrakkaMaps TM-100 is a full-featured mission mapping and video management system that can run on various computer platforms, including notebooks and ruggedized laptops. The affordable and flexible architecture is easily customizable with both open-source databases and user proprietary secure databases. Designed to integrate with TrakkaCam cameras and TrakkaBeam searchlights, the TM-100 can slew the camera and searchlight line of sight to any point on the map with the touch of the screen, mouse click, address, intersection, city, points of interest, or coordinate entries. The TM-100’s intuitive touchscreen controls offer 3D, street, satellite and custom map views, available with augmented reality overlays on live video imagery.


Operator selectable viewing modes

3D map views

Augmented Reality (A.R.) overlays on live video imagery

Plug and play with other Trakka products; low-cost full-featured mapping

Innovative post-mission image and video processing



The Botswana Police Air Support Division chose Trakka System’s total package solution for its ability to aid in a multiplicity of endeavors, including crime prevention, wildlife conservation, and search and rescue missions. The ease of acquisition, its intuitive integration, and the superior technical support that comes with every purchase was just a bonus.