Aerial Utility

Sense & detect

Millions of miles of power lines are being inspected by driving in vehicles and then on foot where inaccessible terrain discourages close or multiple-angle viewing. Frequent stops are time-consuming. At times, inspectors fly aboard helicopters to inspect with binoculars and handheld cameras — yet fatigue associated with looking through these devices sets in quickly.

Helicopters equipped with TrakkCams provide multispectral inspections (visible, radiometric infrared, ultraviolet and high-resolution digital stills) that cover more distance per hour.

UAVs are a popular tool that complements helicopter inspections by providing spot inspections after repairs.

Coupled with preventive repairs, the TrakkaCam provides cost savings by helping to reduce reactive maintenance and unscheduled downtime. In addition to utility inspections, the TrakkaCam can be used for pipeline and ROW inspections, disaster damage assessment, wildfire fighting, environmental and wildlife surveys.

Total Solution Packages

TrakkaCam TC-300-R

Sporting a fully radiometric, HD, LWIR camera in a compact, gyro-stabilized gimbal, the TC-300-R gives utility inspection crews the ability to measure temperatures of energized components in real time, while capturing HD video from an airborne platform. Its faster inspection speeds saves utilities time and money while also proactively reducing downtime and unplanned outages, which lead to lost revenue and customer dissatisfaction. The radiometric LWIR camera penetrates through smoke and provides real-time temperature measurements of hot spots, day and night. The system is ITAR free and widely exportable.

TrakkaCam SWE-400 QUAD

The most advanced airborne Corona detection multi-spectral imaging system around, the SWE-400 QUAD gives utilities and environmental operators the ability to measure temperatures, detect Corona discharges, and capture HD video and still images from an airborne platform.

TrakkaMaps TM-100

TrakkaMaps TM-100 is a full-featured mission mapping and video management system that can run on various computer platforms, including notebooks and ruggedized laptops. The affordable and flexible architecture is easily customizable with open-source databases and user proprietary secure databases. Designed to integrate with TrakkaCam cameras and TrakkaBeam searchlights, the TM-100 can slew the camera and searchlight’s line of sight to any point on the map with the touch of the screen, mouse click, address, intersection, city, points of interest, or coordinate entries. The TM-100’s intuitive touchscreen controls offer 3D, street, satellite, and custom map views, available with augmented reality overlays on live video imagery.


Trakka products are installed on countless platforms globally, operating in the most demanding environments, and built to meet or exceed the most stringent mission requirements.


With 30 to 50 workers in every 100,000 killed on the job every year, according to T&D World, utility line work is one of the top 10 most dangerous jobs in America.