Total Mission Solutions

Trakka’s Total Mission Solutions offer a customizable range of user-friendly equipment designed to integrate and seamlessly work together, simplifying your mission and ensuring you see the total picture.

Trakka has been pioneering Critical Vision Technologies for over 20 years. Our industry-leading Total Mission Solutions come in various configurations capable of supporting today’s most challenging Air, Land, and Maritime mission requirements.


Airborne Total Solutions

Trakka’s Airborne Total Mission Solutions are designed to meet and exceed the aviation industry’s most stringent requirements. See what packages are suitable for your mission and budget.


Land-based Total Mission Solutions

Trakka’s legacy spans over 20 years, providing combat-proven land-based vision systems. Our Total Mission Solutions line comprises a customizable range of plug-and-play products, all from a single supplier. See what packages are suitable for your mission and budget.


Maritime Total Mission Solutions

Maritime missions require clear visibility in all weather conditions. Trakka’s Maritime Total Mission Solutions are MIL qualified and built for naval and coastguard maritime missions, manned and unmanned platforms, and installations. See what packages are suitable for your mission and budget.

Total Mission Solutions.
Total Mission Success.

The Trakka TC-300 EO/IR surveillance system, the TM-100 Maps and Video Management Software, and the Trakka TLX high-powered beam, comprise your Total Mission Solution.