Maritime patrol is critical for states and countries to protect and defend their borders. The deployment of airborne, maritime, and land assets and technologies maximize effectiveness in dealing with drug interdiction, illegal immigration, smuggling, terrorist threats, maritime rescues, fisheries protection, exclusive economic zone enforcement, and other aspects of national sovereignty. Trakka’s TC-300 day/night camera system with thermal imaging, EO/IR, and advanced sensors can help locate enemy forces or stop criminal activity with acuity and accuracy. Built for marine applications, TrakkaBream’s A800M sophisticated searchlights supplement the camera systems with no need for separate spotter scopes. All systems can be interfaced with TrakkaMaps full-featured moving map system and secure data links, allowing operators to share maritime mission information in real-time, every time.

Total Solutions Package



The TrakkaCam TC-300M is our premier long-range, compact, multi-sensor surveillance system designed for maritime operations. The TC-300M is tested to MIL-STD & IP66 and built to withstand the harsh environmental conditions of maritime operations. The TC-300M includes a long-range HD-EO camera, EO spotter scope, MWIR infrared camera, and embedded metadata. The system is ideal for coastal and riverine patrol, search and rescue, illegal immigration protection, drug interdiction, economic exclusion zone (EEZ) protection, anti-piracy, maritime patrol, naval C4ISR, and naval vessel force protection. The long-range EO/IR sensors are augmented with sophisticated image processing capabilities, to see through conditions such as fog, haze, low light, and total darkness. The system can be integrated with Maritime Radar and Automatic Identifications Systems and Moving Maps, enabling operators and commanders to share mission-critical information in real-time.

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The system includes an all-digital architecture and real-time vision-aiding features like picture-in-picture, split-screen, and image blending allowing operators to extract scene details that would otherwise go unnoticed. The TC-300M is available with TrakkaMaps TM-100 maritime charting, display, and recording system and can be integrated with the TrakkaBeam TLX-M maritime searchlight for cross-cuing of systems and a total surveillance solution package.

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Full suite of seven payloads: IR, HDTV, LRF, LP, LI, A/T, IMU/GPS with static heading sensor

Continuous optical zoom on all imaging channels

Non – ITAR Product

6 axis passive isolated gimbal for harsh sea state environments



TLXc-M is a ruggedized, multispectral maritime searchlight with its industry-first EO/IR cameras for short-range SAR and situational awareness. With its two-axis stabilized gimbal and integrated slaving, the TLXc-M searchlight significantly reduces operator workload while increasing mission effectiveness. For missions that require clear visibility in all weather conditions, Trakka’s unique filter technology enhances visibility and identification of objects in the water during fog, rain, and humidity by eliminating white light reflection. The I.R. filter provides a covert lighting source for low-light cameras and night vision.


Long range multi – spectral maritime searchlight

Embedded Day/Night SAR and situational awareness cameras

2 axis stabilized gimbal

NVG – compatible filters and controllers



TLX-M is a ruggedized, multispectral maritime searchlight ideally suited for naval, coastguard, and marine police missions. The TLX-M is a two-axis, stabilized, remotely controlled searchlight with optional filters, including a near IR filter for covert operations. The TLX-M can slave the searchlight’s line of sight to an EO/IR camera’s line of sight and vice versa. With the latest design enhancements, the TLX-M delivers more light with less power draw due to an enhanced power management system.


Long range multi – spectral maritime searchlight

Integrated slaving for TrakkaCam and other camera systems

NVG – compatible filters and controllers

2 axis stabilized gimbal



The M800 non-gimbaled remotely controlled searchlight system with an internally integrated multispectral filter wheel. The M800 searchlight can be utilized as a fully self-contained unit on ground-based equipment such as tripods, vehicles, or marine vessels. Alternatively, the M800 can integrate with other sensors or pan-and-tilt mechanisms for applications involving surveillance towers, checkpoints, and forward observation points.


Fixed-site and mobile vehicle applications

Available in a ruggedized platform for harsh environments

Internal filter wheel with up to 6 filters

Portable battery pack, storage & carrying case



TrakkaMaps TM-100 is a full-featured mission mapping and video management system that can run on various computer platforms, including notebooks and ruggedized laptops. The affordable and flexible architecture is easily customizable with open-source databases and user proprietary secure databases. Designed to integrate with TrakkaCam cameras and TrakkaBeam searchlights, the TM-100 can slew the camera and searchlight line of sight to any point on the map with the touch of the screen, mouse click, address, intersection, city, points of interest, or coordinate entries. The TM-100’s intuitive touchscreen controls offer 3D, street, satellite, and custom map views, available with augmented reality overlays on live video imagery.


Operator selectable viewing modes

3D map views

Augmented Reality (A.R.) overlays on live video imagery

Plug and play with other Trakka products; low-cost full-featured mapping

Innovative post-mission image and video processing


Did you know?

According to the US Department of Homeland security, the following occur in a single US Coast Guard Day: Conducts 42 search and rescue cases, saves 12 lives, saves over $114,000 in property, seizes 1,253 pounds of cocaine and 172 pounds of marijuana, conducts 133 waterborne patrols of critical maritime infrastructure, interdicts 18 illegal migrants, escorts 9 high-capacity passenger vessels, and conducts 13 security boardings in and around US ports among others.