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Protecting natural environments

Trakka Systems’ Total Mission Solutions aid Environmental and Ecological Surveys and Fish and Wildlife Conservation efforts in gathering precise data essential to aid in protecting and preserving ecosystems, biodiversity, and wildlife habitats.

Our TrakkaBeam high-intensity, multi-spectral searchlights provide illumination during nighttime operations and offer covert IR illumination visible with NVG’s, enhancing surveillances and providing a better understanding of wildlife distribution and behavior. 

Our TrakkaCam line of stabilized cameras combines infrared (IR), UV, and color cameras for multi-spectral imaging and comprehensive view of the environment. Infrared (IR) cameras excel in detecting thermal signatures, temperature anomalies, wildlife activity, assessing ecosystem health, and pollution sources.

TrakkaMaps, our comprehensive mapping software, offers features like 3D, augmented reality (AR) and satellite views to enhance situational awareness and provide a broader understanding of the landscape, terrain, elevations, vegetation cover, water bodies, and other environmental features. 

By leveraging Trakka’s Total Mission Solutions, environmental professionals and conservationists can make more informed decisions, effectively manage protected areas, and help mitigate human-wildlife conflicts, ensuring the preservation of our planet’s ecosystems for future generations.

Total Solution Packages

TrakkaCam TC-300-R

Sporting a fully radiometric, HD, LWIR camera in a compact, gyro-stabilized gimbal, the TC-300-R gives utility inspection crews the ability to measure temperatures of energized components in real time, while capturing HD video from an airborne platform. Its faster inspection speeds saves utilities time and money while also proactively reducing downtime and unplanned outages, which lead to lost revenue and customer dissatisfaction. The radiometric LWIR camera penetrates through smoke and provides real-time temperature measurements of hot spots, day and night. The system is ITAR free and widely exportable.

TrakkaCam SWE-400 QUAD

The most advanced airborne Corona detection multi-spectral imaging system around, the SWE-400 QUAD gives utilities and environmental operators the ability to measure temperatures, detect Corona discharges, and capture HD video and still images from an airborne platform.

TrakkaBeam TLXc

With all the advantages of the TrakkaBeam TLX searchlight, the TLXc model combines the best searchlight and airborne camera technology with its dual-sensor thermal imager/high-definition TV camera payloads. This industry-leading capability enhances mission capability and versatility. The TLXc also incorporates an inertial line of sight stability, providing stable imagery for enhanced situational awareness.

TrakkaBeam TLX

Building on the proven workhorse of the innovative TrakkaBeam A800 model, the TLX offers even more performance, features, and functionality in the same sleek design. The TLX provides increased light intensity across the searchlight’s beam while requiring an even lower power draw. The aerodynamic TLX model leads the industry in total beam brightness and clarity, with uniform edge-to-edge light spread across the beam’s diameter.

TrakkaBeam A800

The A800 is a high-intensity searchlight designed for airborne platforms. The multi-mission TrakkaBeam A800 searchlight provides powerful tactical illumination that includes an integrated, easy-to-use multispectral filter wheel accessible from the cockpit that aids visual acuity. The A800 slews at 0-60° per second elevation or azimuth, and it can be easily installed on new or existing searchlight mounts. The rugged A800 is ideal for a variety of missions.

TrakkaBeam TL-360

Experience the future of searchlight technology with the TL-360.

The TrakkaBeam® TL-360 LED/LEP hybrid searchlight is a game-changer, providing operators with 360° illumination while using just 1/3 of the power compared to similar systems. Ideal for platforms that value both capabilities and lightweight design. Featuring a lightweight and compact single LRU configuration, the TL-360 provides simplified installation and integration, eliminating the need for power conditioning or external interface units. Its inertial stabilization enhances performance during aircraft maneuvers, reducing external vibrations. Versatility is key with the TL-360, suitable for fixed-wing, rotary-wing, light aircraft, and manned or unmanned platforms. With solid-state components, it offers robustness and is highly expandable and upgradeable. Experience the TL-360 and witness the future of illumination technology.

TrakkaMaps TM-100

TrakkaMaps TM-100 is a full-featured mission mapping and video management system that can run on various computer platforms, including notebooks and ruggedized laptops. The affordable and flexible architecture is easily customizable with open-source databases and user proprietary secure databases. Designed to integrate with TrakkaCam cameras and TrakkaBeam searchlights, the TM-100 can slew the camera and searchlight’s line of sight to any point on the map with the touch of the screen, mouse click, address, intersection, city, points of interest, or coordinate entries. The TM-100’s intuitive touchscreen controls offer 3D, street, satellite, and custom map views, available with augmented reality overlays on live video imagery.


Marine mammal biologists from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and other agencies use aerial surveys to determine the seasonal distribution and relative abundance of manatees, dolphins, and sea turtles near shore waters around the state.