Trakka Interceptor
Protection System

Ideal for C-UAS and C4ISR missions

Trakka Interceptor Protection Systems (TIPS) are a new breed of on-the-go, total mission management solutions, ideal for C-UAS and C4ISR missions. TIPS combines our world-leading Total Mission Solutions into a flexible mobile platform configured to your specific mission requirements.

TIPS easily integrates with a variety of bolt-on third-party detection & defeat solutions such as radars, acoustic detectors, HPEM devices, and RF detectors and jammers for a fully integrated mobile Counter Unmanned System (C-UAS).

C-UAS Package

Trakka Interceptor Protection System – Counter Terror (TIPS-C)

Drones are a multiplying and multi-faceted threat that can maneuver into almost any critical infrastructure, military mission, secured complex, venue, or event.  Trakka provides a flexible, early detection, identification, and neutralizing counter UAS solution. The backbone is Trakka’s open architecture command and control center with TM-100 proprietary mapping solution coupled with our partner vendor DroneShield’s Smart Hub and Sentry X system.  It’s advanced software algorithms) detect, identify, and automatically track drones of any size while dismissing moving objects, such as birds, in detection zones.

C4ISR Package

Trakka Interceptor Protection System – C4ISR (TIPS-I)

Trakka’s world-class range of cameras, searchlights, and moving map systems have been integrated into the TIPS-I package to provide unmatched mobile intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance (C4ISR) solutions.  Used as a mobile command and control center, Trakka’s TIPS-I system gives operators and command centers the ability to see and share critical C4ISR information in real-time. TrakkaCam and TrakkaBeam products integrate seamlessly with TrakkaMaps video and moving map system, providing enhanced situational awareness with various augmented reality overlays, pure synthetic views, and incident recording. Trakka System’s total solution package can be customized to meet the specific needs of your ISR mission.



The Coast Guard thinks that drones will increase their prosecutions by 95%. Coast Guard Captain Chris Martino says the Coast Guard is currently restricted in its use of drones, and has to partner with the Navy to use theirs, but projects that integrating unmanned vehicles into the Coast Guard’s array of tools will increase their surveillance of U.S. waters by 70%, meaning they’ll catch (and prosecute) far more drug runners, among others.