Service & Support

Trakka Systems does more than sell Critical Vision Technologies. We also provide a range of user-friendly training courses and materials in conjunction with Trakka’s in-house support team during the installation. Our experience has shown that customers who receive hands-on product training, perform their missions with more confidence and achieve higher success rates than those without any training. 

We tailor our enhanced training and support packages to meet your organization’s specific mission objectives and capability requirements. Options include a 24/7 hotline, online support, onsite visits, and swap-out loaner systems. Should you encounter any problem, our support team will analyze your situation, provide a comprehensive diagnosis, and follow it up with a fast, no-hassle turnaround. 

Trakka also provides a comprehensive warranty that is standard across its entire product range. Our team of service and training engineers are located throughout Australia, North & South America, and Europe and is supported by a network of service partners in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Africa. These fully certified service partners are trained to Trakka’s exacting standards and expertise. 

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Service & Repair Centers

Trakka Corp Pty Ltd
23 Kilpa Road
Moorabbin, Victoria 3189, Australia
Phone: + 61 3 9553 3000

Trakka Systems AB
Stationsvägen 46
63536 Ärla Sweden
Phone: +46 16 708 60

United States
Trakka USA LLC
4725 Lena Road, Unit 103
Bradenton, Florida 34211 USA
Phone: + 1 941 500 5158


Your mission success is our first priority, that’s why Trakka’s products are designed to meet and exceed the aviation industry’s most stringent requirements. Trakka works closely with various aviation regulatory authorities, including CASA, FAA, and EASA, to achieve the highest design, production, and service certifications. This includes meticulous annual audits by these agencies of Trakka’s entire production and support processes, from design and documentation to end-user support and service. 

To comply with these stringent industry manufacturing quality standards, Trakka employs a third-party oversight organization, Lloyd’s Registry, to periodically audit our compliance to certification of ISO and AS9100 standards. 

The TrakkaBeam A800 is the only searchlight that has been tested and qualified to DO160F in internationally recognized and certified laboratories in Australia, Germany, and the United States. Tests undertaken to qualify to DO-160F include vibration, EMI and EMC susceptibility, magnetic effect, and lightning strike. The TrakkaBeam also meets DO-178, assuring that our embedded software is robust and provides for safe and reliable operation. Additionally, the Trakka Beam has also successfully completed MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-810 Test Method 519.5 Gunfire Shock. 

Trakka’s Australian design, production, and service organization is AS9100 certified and holds approvals for manufacturing under CASA APMA and EASA Part 21G POA and service operates under CAR30 Regulations. Our USA facility is FAA-PMA, FAA-145 and EASA-145 approved, while our Swedish facility is CE certified, and certified as an EASA-POA by the Swedish Transport Agency and the service MOA (Part 145) is well underway.

Under its CASA APMA and EASA POA approvals, Trakka Australia is authorized to issue CASA and EASA Form 1’s for products produced under the APMA and POA. Under its FAA-PMA, Trakka USA is authorized to issue FAA 8130-3’s for new production parts and spares and Form 8130-3’s for parts repaired, modified, and overhauled under its FAA 145 & EASA 145 repair station approval.