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At Trakka Systems, we go beyond selling Critical Vision Technologies. We understand the importance of providing comprehensive training and support to our customers.

Trakka Key Advantages for Integrators and OEM’s

  1. Integrated Operational Training for all Vision Systems
  2. Comprehensive Product Maintenance Training Reduces Costs
  3. Streamlined Integration for Seamless System Implementation
  4. Responsive Feature Implementation
  5. Designated Service Stations to cover all integrated Vision Systems

Complete Surveillance Training

Trakka Systems offers comprehensive training that covers all our critical vision products including cameras, searchlights, and mapping management software. Our integrated training approach not only saves our customers money but also significantly enhances efficiency, setting us apart from other suppliers. 

We recognize that every organization has unique mission objectives and capability requirements. That’s why we offer tailored training packages to meet your specific needs, including online support and onsite visits.

Comprehensive Support Options

Trakka provides a comprehensive warranty and service agreements that cover our entire product range. If you encounter any issues, our dedicated support team will promptly analyze your situation, provide a comprehensive diagnosis, and ensure a fast, hassle-free resolution, which may include the provision of swap-out loaner systems.

Trakka support also provides users with a single designated Service Station instead of multiple stations worldwide. This approach saves time and money by avoiding the need to ship parts globally and manage product status across different continents, time zones, and currencies.

Our team of service and training engineers is strategically located in Australia, North & South America, and Europe. We also have a network of certified service partners in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Africa who adhere to Trakka’s rigorous standards and expertise.

For more information about our training and support packages at Trakka, please contact us today.

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