Diamond Aircraft Takes Flight with Trakka’s Cutting-Edge Imaging Technology

March 20, 2024

Arla, Sweden, February 27, 2024 – Diamond Aircraft, a world leader in innovative, fuel-efficient aircraft, and Trakka Systems, a pioneer in advanced multispectral imaging solutions, recently collaborated on a successful demonstration of Trakka’s new long-range TC-375 EO/IR imager, integrated onto a Diamond DA62-MPP aircraft. The week-long mission yielded exceptional results, showcasing the system’s capabilities in Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) and Search and Rescue (SAR) applications.

This collaboration builds upon a strong, seven-year partnership between the two companies. Diamond Aircraft, recognized for its commitment to safety, performance, and efficiency, has served as both an integrator and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for Trakka’s advanced imaging systems. This successful demonstration further strengthens their collaborative efforts in pushing the boundaries of aerial technology.

The TC-375 EO/IR imager is a long-range, gyro-stabilized, multispectral imaging system designed to deliver exceptional image clarity and situational awareness in diverse environments. Featuring full HD (1080p) resolution for both integrated EO and IR sensors, the TC-375 provides operators with clear, highly detailed imagery in both daylight, low-light, complete darkness, and degraded atmospheric conditions such as fog, haze, and smoke.

The system’s long-range optics boast uninterrupted, continuous zoom, further enhanced by our next-generation image processing engine. This powerful combination empowers users with two key advantages: maximum stand-off range and the ability to dramatically enhance imagery and even blend the EO and IR channels to reveal hidden details, all at any distance.

“According to Markus Fischer, Director of Special Mission Aircraft at Diamond Aircraft: Beside the long-term relationship over so many years, Diamond’s operators were very impressed to have a new player in the high performance EO/IR category. The longest continuous IR zoom, easy capability of an upgrade for existing Trakka customers as well as the in-house engineered mission management software are strong arguments for Trakka. As usual with Trakka systems, the integration went perfectly well, smooth and straight forward which is a good indication for simple operation and efficient maintenance. Overall, the TC-375 convinced us to become a strong and strategic player in the market.”

“The mission tests with Diamond Aircraft were highly successful,” said Adam Boniecki, European Sales Manager at Trakka Systems. “The TC-375 performed exceptionally well, delivering clear and actionable imagery for both ISR and SAR operations. The TC-375’s exceptional performance, ITAR-free single LRU design makes it an ideal choice for the DA62-MPP platform. We are excited to continue collaborating with Diamond Aircraft and explore further collaboration in the future.”

The successful demonstration of the TC-375 on the Diamond DA62-MPP aircraft highlights the synergies between Trakka’s cutting-edge imaging solutions and Diamond Aircraft’s commitment to providing versatile and reliable platforms.