Trakka Systems’ world-class range of camera products, searchlights and mapping solution combine to give you an Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) package solution that is unmatched. TrakkaCam products are a range of cost-effective, ITAR-free, high performance gyro-stabilized single or dual LRU gimbal systems for Surveillance and Utility/Environmental Survey applications. Our internal multi-sensor payloads are modular and fully configurable to ensure adaptability and to provide the best match with mission needs. Our electro-optical sensors are augmented with video processing and sophisticated image enhancement allowing users to see through conditions of fog, haze and low-light or darkness. Our embedded software can also blend images to exploit features from different sensors providing imagery of activities that otherwise would go undetected. The advanced aesthetic design and weatherproof construction allows the TrakkaCam to perform under the harshest environments.

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All of our systems are designed to meet RTCA DO-160 and MIL-STD requirements with materials that offer the highest strength to weight advantages.  The TrakkaBeam product line capabilities improve the situational awareness of air and ground crews responding to events in low-visibility environments with its spectrum of filters and powerful beam. TrakkaCam and TrakkaBeam products can be interfaced with TrakkaMaps moving maps system and secure data links.  These attributes enable operators and command centers to share mission critical information in real time while providing enhanced situational awareness via augmented reality overlays or pure synthetic views. Trakka System’s total solution package can be customized to meet the needs of your mission.

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Fixed site or mobile solutions, tailored to your requirements

Easily integrate a variety of bolt-on detection & defeat solutions

Detect, identify, and neutralize threats with a total solutions ISR package.